Creative and Visionary Mentoring

For Conscious Artists,Visionary Entrepreneurs, Transformational  Creative Leaders, Skeapers, Influencers

If you want to create a different experience in your business, life or art,

you will need to express something NEW...

Are you READY ?

Welcome on my website,

Iam Evelyne Toromanian a French Artist & Mentor, a Transformational Art Speaker, and the creator of the Visionary Art Transformational System®. Iam guiding Conscious Artist, Visionary Entrepreneur, Transformational Creative Leaders, to express and shine their true identity in their art and business, to create a deep impact in the world with their creativity and unique talents. I have created for you a range of unique experiences that combine creation, deep transformational coaching, birthing of your signature projects, immersion and travels in french riviera, in paris and différents places in the world to discover new cultures, while being inspired to the next version of who you want to become, who you want to express in the world.

Through the Visionary Art System® Iam guiding you to create your next level of dream life, business, and art using your creativity, your voice, and your body empowerment. This is a system simple, creative and highly transformational that help you to go to you next level of expression, exhibition, and birthing your unique projects.

If you feel the call to embody your life as Artist it will be a pleasure to guide you through those 3 Life time experiences :

  • "Powerful Artist Immersion" A 3 days up to 7 days immersion in intimicy with Evelyne in her Art Studio House in the French Riviera to birth your Signature Creative Project, (only one spot per month)

  • "Exhibition Time" A 3 months unique experience in an intimate international group of artists, to exhibit in June 2020 in Marseille (4 spots only available each year)

  • "Artist-Entrepreneur Mentoring" A 3, 6 or 9 months mentoring for you to birth your creative vision and have a greater impact in the world with your true talent, your art and your wild creativity


Book a call to discuss on of this unique life time experience, you are ready to live, achieve highly and deeply who you came here to be.

Evelyne best guide Creative and Visionnary Leaders, Skeapers, Artists, Influencers, Creators, Innovator...who truly desire to create a big impact in the world holding powerfully who they truly are. If you have a message that you want to shine beyond your current borders...this is your time...YOUR TIME TO LIVE THE EXPERIENCE OF WHO YOU ARE !

Exhibition Time

For Conscious Artists, Photographers, Sculpteurs

 You are a conscious artist and you would like to exhibit for your first time your art work, in a small international artists collective in France ?

This is not your first time, feeling in transition to your next level of expression and exhibition ?

Is this time for you to birth your DNA exhibition and shift to your next level of financial success as Artist to live your BIG DREAM ?

Powerful Artist Immersion

For Artists, Transformational Leader, and Visionnary Entrepreneur

3 days VIP immersion in intimicy with Evelyne in the french riviera, in a high standing house, to  shift to you next level of success, express your DNA message and birth your creative signature project with Power and Alignement.


Un art visionnaire au service du monde de demain...

Discover the artistic univers of Evelyne. A journey from infinite small to infinite big of the creation. Evelyne lead private exhibition all year long, you have the possibility to book an appointment to buy and visit her in her french riviera studio, in the hometown of Barhols (1h drive from Aix en provence, and 1h30 from Nice).

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