Artist's journey

Evelyne Toromanian is a visionary artist, self-taught, committed, from Marseille (France), where she grew up under the massif of the star. A graduated from Kedge Business School, she worked as a project manager and international consultant in information systems for 15 years, before discovering her true vocation, that of being an Artist. It is in 2012, following a night vision, that she will be called upon to give birth to colors and shapes through the act of painting. In 2013, during a deep inner journey, she will let the sounds of creation express themselves, thus marrying music and painting.

Her artistic universe is at the same time dreamlike, stellar, terrestrial, marine, organic, musical and sensual ... an expression of the infinitely large to the infinitely small of creation, from which she draws her source of inspiration. From dream to creation, it is a journey between 2 worlds that the Artist offers us, for each art work, representation, of a capture of the moment, of an emerging dream, of a vibration, symbolized by the spontaneity of gesture, color, and sound.


What inspires the Artist? nature, the elements, humans, her life experiences, which she has been able to sublimate with words, sounds, color ... a wild, spontaneous and free deep expression...her journey and her inner exploration, at the heart of modern shamanism: representation worlds of the invisible, other dimensions, other realities of consciousness.

Evelyne Toromanian is part of both the continuity of American abstract expressionists, such as Jackson Pollock, but also, as a painter of sounds, through the works of Kandinsky, for his work on space and time, the geometry, as well as the influence of the spiritual, ancestral traditions, music in art.

The artist likes to offer the experience of creation, to make art accessible to all, through her performances, shows, conferences whose vocation is to bring about a new consciousness. Art thus becomes transformational and timeless, to place the human in the presence of the moment ... for a more connected, creative and certainly more human world.

Artistic approach

Consciousness at the heart of the artistic process and a multidisciplinary art.

Painting, sounds, movement, poetry, come together to give birth to a wild, spontaneous, free art.

Inspired by Indigenous Peoples, who used rituals, the artist paints in a ritualized way, seeking to become one with what surrounds her, the life force energy, the elements, the nature. Drawing her inspiration from a deep connexion to the moment, she captures the energy, the vibration, the power, like a photographer who captures the right time, through a gesture, a sound, a movement, a verb then making the sensitive timeless, making the invisible visible. A journey between 2 worlds, connecting visible and invisible, matter and e-matter, opening access to other dimensions, other planes of consciousness ... see what is invisible to our eyes, isn't it the role of the visionary artist? Open up to what is larger than yourself ... zoom in and out from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the macrocosm in the microcosm ... enter the great primordial soup of creation ... from the big bang to creation.

An art that is painted on the floor, as close as possible to the earth, to capture its pulsations, its primordial beat, to be able to turn around, stop there, express the gesture, as if the body were transformed into an instrument of creation ... thus expressing the memory of the universe ... canvases are sometimes beaten with a stick, as if we could beat, the rhythm of a drum ... take perspective ... give rhythm to the gesture ... let the sounds be drawn into a trance ... to be as close as possible to the earth, the one that supports each creation. In line with Jackson Pollock, his shamanic influence and the movement of action painting, gestural painting.

Expressing a cosmic as well as organic imprint, from inner worlds, to other realities, views of the earth from the sky, and of the sky from the earth, Evelyne Toromanian offers us a whole universe. Seeing beyond appearances, respecting the Earth, our primordial nature which makes us the beings that we are.

Freedom at the heart of expression, it is in her greatest wounds that the artist has been able to sublimate 25 years of profound stuttering ... She transmits to us that anything is possible, by going on stage to communicate her art of living and his deep joy ... and by spreading this gushing joy through her exhibitions. A quest to be oneself beyond the codes and expectations of society, in simplicity and in an authentic link to oneself, the other and the world.

Life is expressed through her work, an invitation to remind us of the urgency of living fully, enjoying every moment, daring to love and be loved ... It is love that guides her artistic act and which invites her to reinvent herself at every moment. In front of a white canvas, it is at the same time infinity that the artist connects, everything is possible in front of this white canvas. It is also a feeling of "Making love to the canvas". A sensation that makes you dizzy as when we are deeply in Love ... We then feel invincible, powerful, connected and alive. Could it be love and life that guide this spontaneous, wild and free art that invites us to remember our roots, our origins, the why of our condition as human ... thus drawing the bridge between the traditions of shamanic peoples and our modern society. Shamanism and Art meet to support societal change and find our deep lost nature.