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Who are we ? Where do we come from ? What is our place? Where are we going ?

I have always liked to be in contemplation of the living, to look at the shapes of the barks of the trees, to watch the clouds forming in the sky, to observe the stars which form a cluster of galaxies, just to be in silence, to listen to the sounds that surround us . What is our place in the ecosystem of this universe. Everything moves within us, in the universe. It is this movement that I like to bring to life through art.

Originally from Marseille, I grew up under the Massif de l'Etoile, before flying to Paris for my first career, that of being an international project manager, in information systems. Today, it is in a return to my Mediterranean roots that I deploy myself as a visionary artist. Nothing predestined me to be an artist, the necessary hazards of life know how to put you back on your trajectory. While I am in chaos, I receive a night vision of the universe, colors like I had never encountered in our reality. A golden golden light.  When I wake up, I am still imbued with this extremely powerful cellular sensation. The act of painting imposed itself as if to give life to this vision. Since then, I have never stopped painting the visions of my inner world, of what I feel, of what I capture with all my senses. A journey that I live and which invites itself to live for the public. An invitation to connect intimately with oneself, to experience who we are and our true place in the world. An invitation to be!

10 years of deep inner changes guided by a multidisciplinary live art (performance, dance, singing, painting, photography, piano, writing), which I put today at the service of a society in profound change. Revisiting one's place, becoming aware of one's responsibility, of one's impact, building the future together.

An art that allows you to see the world in a bigger way...

What inspires me as an artist, evolution, humans, nature and the universe, above all, being and how by returning to our deep nature, we can see projects emerge that truly make to advance consciences and our society.

I feel connected as an artist to the movement of Action Painting with the master Jackson Pollock, his explorations between Art and First Peoples. Today, I feel like I belong to the Family of Visionary Artists, those artists who connect their visions in the service of the Future.

Welcome to my world,