The wave is a set of sounds, songs, natural melodies, recorded in connection with the wild nature of Cassis in Provence (French Riviera). When I am in connection with the wave, something arises inside of me and emptiness is imposed. The voice from within can then be sung, following its natural impulse. Listen to the rhythm of the waves. Cross the breaking waves. Play with it. Let yourself be immersed, dive deep, as if to discover its secrets and the great mystery of life. I deposit in this album, titles as and when they impose themselves on me. A living album that is created over time and in connection with the wave. That you can reconnect by listening to this album to this current of energy dormant within you. Welcome it, let it be, let it sing, let it live. Finally, be alive listening to these natural sounds, songs and melodies. There is nothing to do. Just be. Just feel. A beautiful listening from within. A nice listening to the wave.