Visionary Art Works

From the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Between deep silence, and sounds, the work takes shape by itself and reveals the matrices of an emerging world, connecting us to both the organic, the atomic, and cosmology. Sometimes, texts accompany the works, very often, the sounds are imprinted on the canvas, associating, music and painting. The work is felt, inviting a change of outlook on oneself, on the other, on the world, sometimes opening towards a new existential posture, a new place in the world. An art that opens towards infinity ... towards a new dimension of being!


Stellar Collection - The Conception

In January 2014, a freshly finished painting, a art knife in my hand, with silver pigment, a clumsy gesture, made me spill the pigment on the canvas. A star is formed, an inspiration ... projecting, pigment with a knife on my freshly painted canvases. From an infinitely small cell  to the infinitely large cosmic ... here is this journey between 2 contemplative worlds, which the spectator experiences in front of the canvases. This contemplative journey opens up an infinite field of possibilities, then the gaze stops at a point, a destination. So in this field of possibilities, there is a possibility, at the moment that is created for everyone. When I am in front of a blank canvas, I like this exaltation, to tell myself that I can create everything ... I have the choice to create : everything is possible. Then I take the knives, and let myself be carried away, by the energy, the sounds, the colors. It is this openness to new possibilities that I was happy to transmit in this stellar and somewhat cellular collection.


The Inner Worlds Collection - The Gestation

Between 2 worlds, between heaven and earth, parallel worlds, cosmological visions, a view of the sky, or a view of the earth, visions from here and elsewhere ... new universes that I discover through each work that invites us to travel, to a deep introspection sometimes cellular, organic, sometimes projecting our consciousness beyond a known reality, to find parts of us buried, hidden, unsuspected ... being in all its entirety, in all its multiplicity, honoring even more its uniqueness, its coloring, its unique frequency. Here the shapes, the colors intermingle and meet. The sounds came like giving an imprint to his worlds, my world, your world, our world. To pose in front of the work, to breathe, to be, to simply feel alive, happy to be there and to belong to our beautiful humanity ... on the way ... towards the beautiful, the good, the marvelous. Being there in front of a work and ... the magic takes place, everything is transformed, everything evolves, everything is experienced through the movement and the cycles of creation ... Acceptance that everything is moving at every moment, in itself, on our earth, in our cosmos. So why try to control our relationships, our life ... simply follow the flow, no longer struggle, no longer fight but follow the flow ... life ... creation ... the relationship ... Pleasures and Lightness finally found, renewed, revealed with more depth never before encountered in the hearts of the new Men and Women that we are.


Organic Collection - The Birth

After my first exhibition in autumn 2016, nothing came ... I felt blocked, in front of the canvas, no desire... then the gush, life, orgasm. I like to say that when I paint, I make love to the canvas. I feel the same presence when I create as when I make love. This collection is a tribute to life, also to continuity, of the movement of action painting, of gestural painting, of American abstract expressionism to which I feel deeply connected. A spontaneous expression, of what is, in a momentum of creation with the entirety of my body. A call also to open the dialogue on sexuality, to open voices on a subject still too taboo in our society, to honor the relationship between men and women from a new perspective. The works are often carried out in couple, Feminine & Masculine, bringing, the meeting of opposites, the 2 polarities to be revealed in oneself and outside oneself.

Oeuf Lumière.jpg

Collection Noire Matière - Growth

In preparation for my exhibition "Orgasmic Money", I start moving again, in front of the canvas, the impulse comes to me to paint in black. A color that I have worked very little ... Then a gushing joy, an obviousness to paint in black, to let the color spring even more. The influences of the previous exhibition, "Plaisirs et Légèreté" or certain works had been produced in fluorescent color, and highlighted with black light, to reveal this play between visible and invisible, between light and darkness, somewhat universe. mystical. Black Matter is the expression of emptiness, of silence, of this space where life, the cosmos, a meeting place ... Emptiness was born.


Connexion Collection - Towards another reality

Connexion is a collection that opens up a new field of possibilities, to experience yourself like a new human. In this space everything is possible, the void merges with the full, everything is interconnected, there is no longer any separation, between oneself and the other, the link is lived, in a peaceful way ... it is an opening towards more connectivity, with oneself, the other and with life ... a new perception of multi-universes, multi-dimension of being, towards the manifestation of oneself in matter. Being has penetrated matter. We are at the heart of the organic, of the DNA, of the change of his human metabolism to open up to the new human, this interconnected, interconnected, hyper-connected human, conscious and creator of his new reality.


Collection des mondes aquatiques : pour un monde plus sensible et poétique
Le sud, la lumière, la c'est un tout autre univers qui s'invite à peindre. La collection des mondes aquatiques est un ensemble de dessins à l'aquarelle poétique et mystique. Chaque dessin nous raconte une histoire, un poème ou un conte. La lumière nous saisie dans un voyage en profondeur, des eaux matricielles. Parfois, une collection émerge naturellement, en suivant le flow de la création. En réunissant, l'ensemble des oeuvres, une histoire globale se raconte. La collection des mondes aquatiques a une énergie très fine, très subtile, très douce, très sensible. Elle me relie à l'énergie de la Sirène, à ses chants d'amour, quelque chose de très épurée. Des histoires poétiques, de la délicatesse, quelque chose que l'on goûte avec raffinement, du beau. Une oeuvre hautement sensuelle, qui nous ramène à notre essence, à qui nous sommes profondément. Il y a du mouvement, de la fluidité, de la lenteur, une empreinte qui se dépose, avec élégance. Un ralentissement dans ses profondeurs. Chaque oeuvre est une poésie, une ode à l'amour, à la renaissance, à cette dolce vita. L'énergie y est goûteuse, c'est du raffinement, de la haute couture, des fréquences nouvelles. CCoN