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Public experience:

  • “Still as cosmic experience for works which are no less so. An endlessly renewed journey, always singular, captivating and conducive to wonder. "

  • "Thank you for this stellar exhibition where the infinitely large and the infinitely small come together with a share of magic."

  • "Journey to the source of creation."

  • “Something from the primordial ocean, from the abyss of the earth. The mixture of the mineral and the organic. Something cosmic, a cosmological orgasm, a great primordial soup. The round paintings remind me more of the terrestrial, the others of space ... the universes ... "

  • "From dream to reality ... from painting to dream, there is only one step ... Matter, space, time ... or dream"

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Change of look, on oneself, others, the world ... Isn't this the vocation of the artist, beyond bringing beauty, the embellishment of our world, or a simple change of scenery ... isn't that where the artist works? Beyond simply offering the discovery of the artist's universe, it is also a question of going further, beyond what I think I know about me ... to see the work taking shape in front of my eyes. eyes, to see a new reality take shape, that I propose to draw with the other, with the new world. So, I become an actor, a reactor, a propellant to give birth to the scale of the individual, the collective ... to give birth to the level of the collective ... the individual. Thus, exhibitions which transform, which open up new perspectives, to create links, to support the difference, and to be oneself ... TOGETHER! This is the vocation of the exhibitions ... Ephemeral exhibitions sometimes, more durable for others ... which lead the spectator and the public to question themselves, to position themselves, at the heart of being, to live the experience of ART, the experience of Creation ... The public thus becomes the centerpiece of the work ... without the human, the work has no meaning ... a return to the origin of CREATION. New generation exhibitions that are both artistic, fun and educational for young and old, for young and old lovers of culture!

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