I have suffered of a deep stuttering for more than 25 years. I was simply terrified to express who Iam. I experienced violent relationships due to this stuttering. People who judged me, who mock me. I felt rejected, humiliated, ashamed, and disempowered in my expression. The only way to express my self was to find a safe space inside of me, in connexion with the nature, and the animals. This help me to dive in deep in my imagination and create a peaceful world inside of me. I paint a lot when I was a little girls, it was a way to connect to the present moment. I also played piano, as the only way to express of I am without being judge or explain who I should express myself. I hide in my room to sing, to write, to danse, to imagine a better place to live.

I have encoded that as an artist and creative this is not "POSSIBLE" to make a living with my art, my creativity, my inspiration, my true talent...My vision was unclear as creative entrepreneur and artist. What I have always known was that I want to paint, to write book, to do conference, to exhibit my art, to give hug and be paid for that. I want to be an Artist Entrepreneur ! So I start making this vision possible, as I do belive everything is possible...I start creating in 2016 my first creative online program...then my first exhibition. I start to over pass my fear of being seen and express who I am.

From 2016, I have been in french a success creative transformational leader and artist, creating lots of transformational process through online programs, VIP creative luxury retreat and travel, collective exhibition for artist, expressing who I am, through live transformational art conference-show and my own signature visionary exhibition. Iam currently in the process of writing my lifetime work book and my oracle deck.

I have been a International Project Manager in the IT for 15 years after doing Kedge Business school Marseille, a prestigious school in france.

After a decade of inner transformation, I have create my own transformational method which combines high and deep transformational coaching, project management, expression of your creativity, your voice and your body empowerment, to birth your personal and professional projects, while being creative, wild and fun !

It's time to express and shine your talents to the world

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